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My Review Of Gleim EA Review [2019]

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Overview Of Gleim EA Review Review Course

Gleim EA Review is one of the most advanced prep courses currently available for EA candidates. Dr. Gleim uses the same advanced technology as his CPA and CMA exam and applies it directly to his EA exam course. 

With over 2,400 multiple choice questions and over 1,200 true/false questions I am confident that Gleim EA review course provides you with all you need to have to pass the EA exam on your first try. 

I was given full access to the Gleim EA Review Course and I want to share what I discovered to assist you in your journey to becoming an enrolled agent. 

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you decide to invest in a EA Review Course listed below. Please understand that I have personal experience with all of these platforms, and I recommend them because I know that they will help you pass the EA quickly, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please only use my links if you feel that I have helped you in your EA Review Course decision!

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What I Learned About Gleim EA 2019

Gleim EA is my number one pick for EA candidates for a multitude of reasons. 

The foremost being, I used Dr. Gleim's review course to study for the CPA exam back in 2010 and without a doubt I would not be a CPA today if it was not for Dr. Gleim. 

After reviewing his 2019 EA review course I saw the same quality and attention to detail that I experienced when studying for the CPA exam. 

If you want to try Gleim EA out for yourself then click this link: 

Free Gleim EA Trial

Gleim EA Review System Features

In order to best show you the ins and outs of the Gleim EA review course I requested full access to Dr. Gleim's course.

They were nice enough to not only provide me with software access but also physical materials!

After spending several hours working in and testing Gleim's EA review course, I found several key features that I liked and think are very useful to EA Candidates.

Gleim EA Review System Walk-through

Gleim EA Dash Board

Gleim EA provides comprehensive audiovisual lectures, detailed analytics to track your progress, access to a personal counselor, who is available to assist you every step of the way and exam rehearsals for you to use as you prepare to sit for each of the 3 parts of the EA exam. 

Let’s discuss in detail each of these features below. 

Follow the Gleim EA step by step dashboard and you will have no trouble passing!

Gleim EA Audiovisual Lectures

Gleim offers comprehensive audio visual lectures for each part of the EA exam in their review course. 

I watched multiple lectures and the professors voice was very pleasant and easy to listen too and the material was logically organized to correspond with the textbooks.

Gleim Audiovisual Lectures are great for breaking down complex topics

Gleim EA & Thousands of Multiple Choice Questions

The obvious power of Gleim EA Review is the thousands of multiple choice questions that are offered. But having thousands of multiple choice questions does you no good if you can't identify why you got a question right or wrong. 

Gleim EA has a great system of providing you with complex explanations that you can flag for later and provides references to the relevant text.

Gleim EA Question Analytics

The EA exam has no education requirements for you to complete prior to sitting for the exam. This makes having complex analytics that will be able to identify your weaknesses and strengths very crucial to your success. 

Gleim EA provides you with the most advanced tools currently available to help assist you in doing this. 

By tracking all of your multiple choice questions, Gleim EA is able to identify the sections of the text that you are not answering correctly. You can then easily flag the sections in the study materials and then re-visit those areas. 

Gleim EA Exam Rehearsals

Another great feature is the Gleim EA Exam Rehearsals. Once you have completed all of the practice questions and are happy with your analytics then you can use the Exam Rehearsals to put yourself into real-time EA exam preparation. 

Gleim does a great job of re-creating the actual EA exam experience, which is crucial for you to prepare for so that there are no surprises on test day. 

Gleim EA Personal Counselor

With the purchase of the Gleim EA review course you will be given access to a EA exam personal counselor and the Gleim Q&A. This counselor will be able to assist you in creating a study plan that will fit your busy schedule and be able to answer any functionality questions about the Gleim EA review course that you may have. 

As you are going through the review course multiple choice questions and materials if you ever have any questions or problems, Gleim offers an online Q&A section that allows you to send questions directly to their EA experts who will respond typically within 24 hours. 

I was able to test this feature and received a response well under 24 hours, but depending on the number of inquiries they receive it may take longer.

Gleim EA Review Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!


The expertise of Dr. Gleim and Dr. James Hasselback’s teaching method

Multiple Choice

The most EA questions offered in the industry (2,400 multiple choice and 1,200 true/false)

Personal Counselor

Personal Counselor assigned to walk you through the entire EA exam process


Pass or Money-back Guarantee


Comprehensive Analytics designed to help you determine where you are struggling

No Flashcards

No flashcards currently offered


Price is a bit higher than some of the other review courses

Overkill for some

The course is very in-depth and if you have extensive on-the-job training it may seem like a repeat of some topics you are already familiar with

Why I Place Gleim EA Review at #1 on my Top 5 List

Gleim EA review is perfect for anyone who wants structure and needs audiovisual lectures to help get through the materials. Once you have gotten through the material, the Gleim analytics system will be able to help you identify your areas of weakness so that you can re-visit those areas prior to sitting for each part.

The EA Review Course market is very competitive and with so many good choices out there, I think that it is really important to give Gleim EA’s free trial a try before buying. It will give you access to several lectures and their multiple choice questions. 

Link to Gleim EA Trial

Gleim does offer a Money Back Guarantee, a Replacement Guarantee, and an Online Access Guarantee on it’s course which shows to me that they are very confident about the effectiveness of their review course. 

I am a very strong believe in Gleim, as I used them to pass the CPA exam so I am very confident that you will be successful using their EA exam review course.

NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Gleim EA Review is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision in the comment section below.

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Gleim EA Review Review Course Information

Gleim EA Review Strengths
1 Free Trial - No Credit Card
2. Best EA Review Course for EA Candidates
3. Excellent customer support
4. Multiple Choice Analytics
5. Affordable price
Gleim EA Review
4.8 / 5 stars

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