My Review Of Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course [2019]

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Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course Overview:

Fast Forward Academy is an education technology company whose EA Review Course is one of the most comprehensive tools for any aspiring Enrolled Agent.

Similar to other EA review courses it offers physical textbooks, online access, and multiple choice questions to help you prepare, but the similarities end there. 

Fast Forward Academy is utilizing some of the most cutting edge data analytics currently available to help you identify where to spend your time as you prepare for the EA Exam.

Read on to find out how...

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What I Learned About Fast Forward Academy Enrolled Agent Course

Fast Forward Academy has completely redesigned their EA review study platform to focus on providing you with the data you need to make intelligent decision as you focus your time on preparing for the EA exam. Let's breakdown each feature together.

Fast Forward Academy Dashboard

Fast Forward Academy

When you first login to Fast Forward Academy you will find a very clean mobile friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Each topic is broken down by "opportunities" which is shown based on urgency and performance. A red dot means you need to spend time, yellow means you are getting close to mastering and green represents topics that you are ready to be tested on.

Fast Forward Academy also utilizes a "Fast Focus" feature that automatically identifies which opporunities are most urgent for you to tackle.

This is a great time saving feature as it helps you from manually selecting those topics.

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Fast Forward Academy offers both a physical and electronic textbook. Their textbook has greatly improved from the dictionary type format to being a fully featured textbook that clearly lays out the material.

This is one of the biggest improvement for Fast Forward Academy in 2019.

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Video Lectures

With the help of Brian Hock, Fast Forward Academy now offers fully featured video lectures with their course.

I found that the lectures were easy to follow and clearly broke out the material.

Don't expect much entertainment from the videos but the videos are fairly short and should be enough to hold your attention.

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Multiple Choice Questions

Fast Forward Academy provides you with over 3,500 multiple choice questions that go into great detail for why a question is right or wrong.

This is important because multiple choice will be your best tool to learn the material.

Another great feature offered by Fast Forward Academy is that each multiple choice question is tied to the text and the video lectures.

This ensures you can easily determine why a question is right or wrong if the explanation doesn't make sense.

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Community Driven

Fast Forward Academy offers an instructor driven community to help you with specific questions.

As you post questions about various topics or questions someone from the Fast Forward Academy team will pop in to help answer your question.

I found the response time to be fairly reasonable with responses being very detailed but from time to time it looked like responses were taking 48-72 hours.

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Most EA Review Courses are very competitively priced. For what you get, Fast Forward Academy’s review course is one of the most affordable review courses at $539 for the most comprehensive product package.

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Fast Forward Academy EA Review Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Multiple Choice

3,500+ Study Questions + Unlimited Practice Exams


Data driven course that identifies your opportunities to improve your knowledge and will show you when you are ready to sit for the exam.

Video Lectures

10+ Hours Of Video Lectures

Text Books

Physical and Electronic textbooks available

Community Feature

I like how the community feature is built into the course and it's absolutely helpful, but I found that the response time was spotty. Most questions are answered within 24-48 hours but I did see several with some responses taking a week others over a month. My guess is that it's the growing pains of a rapidly growing company.

Video Lectures

The presentation is a bit dry, but they get the job done. Not a deal breaker by any means.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I think that Fast Forward Academy makes a great case for any EA candidate who wants to ensure that they pass the EA exam on their first try.

Overlooking the dry lectures and sometimes spotty community feature, I am confident that Fast Forward Academy is the right course for you if you want a top of the line EA review course.

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NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Fast Forward Academy EA Review is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision in the comment section below:

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Fast Forward Academy EA Review Review Course Information

Fast Forward Academy EA Review Strengths
1 Clean design
2. 3,100 multiple choice
3. Unlimited access
4. Affordable Price
5. Very Data Driven
Fast Forward Academy EA Review
5 / 5 stars

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